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Meditating on the built environment, memory, site, and material, Stone Circle is an interdisciplinary project made over the course of 2020. Between films, sculptures, music, and the research phase of an undergraduate thesis, this project-in-progress was presented publicly in the solo exhibition "Stone Circle" from October 12-November 15, 2020 at the Haverford College VCAM Building. 

Far Ahead, Around (2020)

Film, 4:00

Featuring sculptures from Stone Circle (2020) and footage from Building Respite, Finding Unrest (2020).

Stone Circle (2020)

Multimedia: Gate and Stone sculptures (iron rod), projection of Dawn In Lerwick (2020), original soundtrack Wheelhouse.

Building Respite, Finding Unrest (2020)

Film, 4:00

Featuring construction of environmental sculpture Respite (2020).

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