Andrew Lummus is a fine art professional living in Philadelphia.

Fascinated by culture in all its forms, Lummus handles and creates fine art, essays, product design, and advertising to explore his interests and articulate his findings.


Continuously inspired by histories and cultures, artist and writer Andrew Lummus creates transnational works about our hostile and interconnected society. Reflecting on contemporary mass culture, socio-political disharmony, and the memories we leave behind, Lummus creates discrete  moments through which to explore or experience. Educated in history and sculpture at Haverford College, Lummus writes on social and cultural history, memory studies, and visual culture, all themes which pervade his art and design practices.

Using abstraction and imperfection, Lummus sorts through the often emotional and chaotic detritus of the modern world to find moments of calm or reflection, while framing other questions. Working freely between sculpture, design, writing, painting, and film, Lummus’s conscious approach defines his work. He prefers recycled, mundane, and vernacular materials treated with intentional execution and honest appreciation. By preserving our material history, Lummus believes we can protect our futures.